Climbing and Via Ferratas

Sports climbing and bouldering

Enjoy a real climbing holiday in Ötztal. There are 14 areas offering countless opportunities to climb or to go to via ferratas (protected climbing routes). Over 750 official routes for sports climbing and much more. Bouldering, overhangs, headwalls, usually with ledges on fine-grained granite. Thoroughly protected via ferratas from 10 to 40 meters. Most trails are moderate difficulty 6a - 7b, but there are some very advanced ones as well.

In Sautens Klettergärten you can try climbing in heights, outdoor parkour and Flying Fox (Längenfeld) offers walking on hanging bridges.

Climbing areas in Engelswand or Oberried, where rocks rise right from meadows, are suitable for families and beginners’ climbing. And when the weather is not on your side, there 20 climbing walls available.

Area 47 offers a bouldering wall 27 meters high, and in nearby town Imst you can challenge your climbing skills with a wall which hosts the climbing world cup. Camp Sölden offers 85m2 of indoor climbing.

Basic information about sport climbing in Ötztal area and Längenfeld here.

Via Ferratas (Protected routes)

For all the sport climbing, the via ferratas in Ötztal are often forgotten. Which is a shame, as some of them are especially interesting.

Ferrata Tirolerweg, grade D, from the foot to the top of Plamorder Sitze (2982m), climbing over the edge in a hard granite rock. A tough but beautiful climb with a real reward.

Ferrata Goldweggrade D/E rises to the breathtaking height of 2912m to the top of Bergkastelspitze is for the most experienced hardmen.

Ferrata Kühtaier Panorama Klettersteig grade D/E offers a view on the beautiful landscape of surrounding three-thousenders and glaciers.

Ferrata Stuibenfall Klettersteig grade C leads along and over a waterfall Stuibenfall and is facilitated by many spots to rest for children and beginners.

Ferrata Haiming/Geierwand grade B/C, thanks to its location on the sunny side of the mountain, it is accessible almost the all year long. For its spectaculous views, not only beginners but also experienced climbers will definitely enjoy the climb.

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