Guiding and coaching

Bike guiding

Having numerous trails in the close surroundings, our guides will show you the way through Alpine hills. You don’t have to worry about getting lost.

For all the numerous trails in our close surroundings, we have guides who will show you the way through alpine hills. You don't have to be afraid of getting lost, only revel the ride fully.



We also provide private coaching, where you will ride under the guidance of the most experienced bikers and coaches from the Czech Republic. You can make use of a bikepark Sölden nearby, which is suitable for beginners too. You can have a good romp there as well as learn something new. Moreover, Countless alpine trails are available. Be sure that you all this can help you to improve yourself and ride with ease.

Bikepark Bike Republic Sölden

Sölden is an extraordinary destination for all bikers and the crucial role plays the bikepark Bike Republic Sölden. Not only a network of single trails is offered, but also perfect flow Teäre Line (length 7,1km | height difference 801m | difficulty - red), some jumps Zaahe Line (length 0,6km | difficulty - black), the longest Tyrol Pump Track and much more. You will definitely find your favourite track.

On top of that, since 2017 you can use your Gravity Card here, as the bikepark Sölden has become one of the places where the card is valid.

If you are still bored after all, we can give you a drive out of Ötztal to bikeparks in Fis Ladis, Innsbruck, Merano or Livigno.

Enduro and XC trails

The whole Ötztal valley and its surroundings are covered by a dense network of trails, from which you can simply choose according to your abilities and your time options. From undemanding Rechenau forest trail to an afternoon trip to Leiterbergalm or a one-day trip to Innerbergalm.

Basic overview of XC and enduro trails you can find here.

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